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I snooze, eat and play all day long…

PicMonkey Benji in and out

I dig in the garden and jump up to catch a pretty pink flower in my mouth.  I give it a good shake and throw it in the air.  Oh dear, now I’ve lost it.  Better go and practice football to play with Antony when he visits.

PicMonkey Collage Football 12 weeksNow I’m big enough to go for walks, grown a lot and having loadsa fun.  Not frightened of anything.  Well, not much.


Not sure about larger dogs who poke their huge black noses round me.  The Bernese mountain dog was giant size with huge wet nose, but he snuffled gently.  Better than the golden labradoodle and black standard poodle I noticed chasing across the park, playing tag.  What a game!  I raced across to join in.  They stopped playing to give me a good sniffing.  They were sniffy too, roughly knocking me with their paws before racing off together, noses in the air.  I jumped up and gave chase, but Diane called me.

‘Benji, Come!’  Back I ran to lots of praise and my favourite treat.  ‘Good boy,’ she said.  ‘You’re too small to play tag with their long legs.’  She turned and ran, pointing towards our favourite log.  Will I get a treat for jumping up and running along?  Yes, yum, yum.  It’s easy.  I like climbing on branches and tree stumps, but I never say no to a treat or two.

PicMonkey Collage climbing on logs

I meet children in Oatlands Park, but when I try to dig my way into their play area, I’m told ‘No!’  I’m only being friendly.  Never mind, I see dogs in the distance and race off to say hello.  When I reach them they’re bigger than they looked from across the park.  I wag my tail but a golden labrador is chasing a ball with his owner, not interested in playing with me.  Shame.  Another dog, brown bitsa I think, walks past.  Why would he stick his nose up?   I run back to Diane and another treat as she clips the lead onto my collar.  More treats as I sit in the crate for the journey home where I jump onto my comfortable bed for a snooze.

I'm getting a big boy and like travelling in my crate
I’m getting a big boy and like travelling in my crate

I dream about my first car ride with Diane and Paul.  I didn’t like the crate they put me in, tried but couldn’t dig my way out, so I did a poo.  They stopped the car and cleaned up.  We walked round a field before joining other puppies.  Paul and Diane sat on chairs and I stood on a mat in front.  I wasn’t sure about the golden retriever puppy nearby, it seemed very large, much bigger than my brothers and sisters.  We were let free and he moved across to play, other puppies joined in.  ‘Help!’ I yelped and ran off towards the legs of a lady in charge.  When the puppies found the treats she threw she stroked and talked to me. Feeling better, I stood up, wagging my tail. Next time I met a pretty miniature schnauzer puppy called Blodwen.  She was older and taller than me, with lovely long eye lashes, pink collar and lead.  We looked and sniffed around each other, happy to be friends.


Puppy Pre-School – 3-weeks social skills course at

The Animal Behaviour Centre of Dr Roger Mugford

The Company of Animals, Chertsey, Surrey

01932 566696.


Diane and Paul take me for walks in the park and by the river.  I get treats for sitting quietly in the car.  It’s good fun and I don’t poo in the crate.  It would be more fun if older dogs played with me but they only sniff around, then ignore me.  At least their ladies give me lots of fuss.  Once I followed a lady with a friendly dog to the other side of the park.  I couldn’t see Diane and was glad to hear her call.  I raced back for a treat and lots of praise.  Another time I followed a lady with a little boy.  I don’t know why Diane clipped my lead on.  I enjoy racing across the park to new people with children and dogs.

I’ve grown a lot and having loadsa fun.  Bigger now.  Not frightened of anything.  Well, not much.


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