Bio: Childhood holidays to English seaside resorts in Kent, Sussex, Devon and Cornwall are happy memories. Later, swimming, hockey and athletic clubs took me to other parts of England. Leaving school at 16, the British Petroleum secretarial training school led me to BP swimming competitions in Paris and Hamburg, when flying was a special occasion. While my two lovely daughters were at school I extended my swimming teaching qualifications to become an Advanced Swimming Teacher, Swimming Coach, Diving Teacher and Tutor, of the Amateur Swimming Association, founding then administering Diane's Swimming School at the Bishop Wand School in Sunbury, and the Cranmore School in West Horsley, over a period of ten years. Later, joining Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics Ltd as Export Sales Executive, I travelled to exhibitions in Bologna, Hong Kong and Moscow, leading to the company receiving H.M. the Queen's Award for Export, and fueling my interest in world-wide travel. Walking, dining and wine tasting are of special interest while my life-long love of gardening takes me to historical houses and gardens. To keep fit I swim regularly and walk with Benji, our miniature schnauzer puppy, who occasionally gives his views in my blog. Currently am finishing a memoir about Life in the Buraimi Oasis in the Middle East in 1968. The blog allows me to share more recent travel experiences and keep you up-dated on Benji's exploits. Despite falling off the 'blog wagon' towards the end of 2015, my aim is to improve regularity during 2016.

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3 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Jo, Started blog in February this year and aim to post at least one a month, possibly two if shorter ones, but still learning and improving both content and site! An operation mid summer halted my writing flow that hopefully now is returning, so on with the blog and on with the memoir! I enjoy reading your blogs, very professional and interesting.


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